NutriAg Registers Liquid BOS™ inoculant

Toronto, Ontario – January 12, 2021 – NutriAg is excited to introduce a newly registered liquid inoculant for peas, lentils and faba beans. This is their first liquid inoculant for pulses which compliments their peat and granular formulations for this crop group. 

BOS inoculants combine two beneficial biologicals (Rhizobium and Pseudomonas) for multiple, yield-boosting benefits. The Rhizobium in this product is specific to peas, lentils and faba beans and helps to increase nodule formation and nitrogen fixation.

The Pseudomonas species in this product goes beyond nitrogen fixation to deliver several additional benefits to the crop. Some of these additional benefits include improved micronutrient availability, greater phosphate and silicon solubilization, reduced yield loss from stress and the production of crop-growth promoting compounds. It is these additional benefits that sets BOS apart from the competition.

By developing a liquid inoculant, NutriAg has provided growers with greater flexibility when it comes to application. Liquid inoculants can be applied both on the seed and in furrow, are easier to handle and require less handling time. This liquid inoculant also has a high concentration of biologicals per litre, making it an ideal choice for pulse growers. 

“We are thrilled to have another high-value option to offer growers. This is just the first of a series of new liquid inoculants we are developing.  Our R&D team is doing great work!” says Dr. Kelly Tanaka, Chief Scientific Officer at NutriAg.

BOS pea, lentil, faba bean liquid inoculant is currently available for sale in Canada. NutriAg will continue to work towards producing liquid inoculants for other pulse crops.

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