NutriAg Group Continues to Expand Toward 2021 With a Fresh Focus

NutriAg is proud to announce an updated Corporate identity logo that encapsulates their future growth and vision in this dynamic plant nutritional segment.

“The letters ‘AG’ inside the box of our logo represents agriculture, our core focus. Our progressive out of the box thinking is depicted by the ‘Nutri’ in the logo and the ‘I’ depicts our innovative spirit,” said Mr. Terry Kukle, VP Marketing.

In addition, their 18 person R&D team have developed several new Sci-Gronomic based technologies all launching in the forthcoming season. To achieve this objective, several new agronomists have been added to their team all to be embedded in strategic markets to support this initiative.

NutriAg is proud to provide Experience, Innovation and Solutions to many challenges facing today’s grower.

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