NutriAg Sets New Industry Standard by Harnessing AI to Revolutionize Product Development for Crop Nutrition Applications

Cutting-edge technology propels NutriAg to the forefront of agricultural innovation.

Toronto, November 1, 2023 – NutriAg, a global leader in crop nutrition, has announced a groundbreaking milestone in their pursuit of transforming the agriculture industry. Leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI), NutriAg has successfully streamlined and optimized the process of product development for new crop nutrition applications and technologies, setting a new standard for efficiency and efficacy within the agricultural landscape.

By seamlessly integrating AI into their research and development operations, NutriAg has significantly accelerated the pace and accuracy at which they can assess the viability and effectiveness of their latest products. “These products were cross validated in secondary study. The novel formulation never before tested, but whose formulation was suggested as optimal by the AI generated model, outperformed all other combinations in the subsequent trials.” said Dr Sebastian Margarit VP Agronomy and Informatics.  The advanced AI algorithms employed by NutriAg not only expedite complex data analysis but also facilitate real-time decision-making, enabling the company to swiftly adapt their product formulations to meet the dynamic demands of their customers.

“The successful utilization of AI in managing our new product development has marked a pivotal turning point in our ability to deliver cutting-edge, sustainable solutions to our valued customers,” stated Dr. Kelly Tanaka, Chief Scientific Officer at NutriAg. “This technological advancement empowers us to more effectively tailor our formulations to the specific needs of a crop in a given soil type and ensure improved yields while minimizing environmental impact.”

“By harnessing the capabilities of AI, NutriAg is committed to constantly innovating and redefining farming practices, allowing growers to prioritize environmental consciousness without compromising on crop productivity,” affirmed Martin Bloomberg, President of NutriAg.

With this monumental leap forward, NutriAg reaffirms its position as an industry leader, dedicated to continually pushing the boundaries of agricultural innovation. By merging AI with cutting-edge technology practices, NutriAg remains dedicated to empowering farmers worldwide and securing the long-term sustainability of the global food supply chain.

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