M-Boss press release

NutriAg launches M-BOS™ biological plant supplement in Canada

Toronto, Ontario – January 28, 2022 – NutriAg is excited to introduce M-BOS™, its latest range of biological nutrient solutions.

M-BOS™ was developed together with a leading local university by combining NutriAg’s proprietary formulation technology with a specialized plant growth promoting bacterium, Methylobacterium organophilum. This bacterium was first isolated from the petiole of Pelargonium zonale. 

The specialized bacteria, once applied, produce several metabolites which impacts leaf senescence, nutrient mobilization, and cell division, and assist the plant defence against abiotic stress. This also assists the plant in building natural cytokinins to promote growth.

 Applied as a seed treatment, in furrow, or foliar spray, M-BOS™ has shown to increase tolerance to abiotic stress and accelerate growth rates which ultimately results in greater marketable yield.

“There is an increased need to provide growers with highly efficient and sustainable plant nutrient solutions. Biofertilizers are becoming an essential for change and M-BOS™ is ready to meet that challenge.” said Martin Bloomberg, President at NutriAg.

 “We are excited to see the collaboration with Dr. Emery’s lab at Trent University taken to the next level.  This is a revolutionary product unlike anything currently on the market” said Dr. Kelly Tanaka, Chief Scientific Officer at NutriAg.

 M-BOS™ is registered on a variety of crops and is now available for sale in Canada.


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