NutriAg launches Field Walker™ App to enhance their NutriAnalytics™ platform.

TORONTO May 12, 2020 As we are all aware, many rural areas still have limited, or no internet which makes accessing online apps and platforms almost impossible. Now agronomists and field specialists walking and sampling growers’ fields for NutriAnalytics can use Field Walker to quickly capture all the data and images required. The app will generate their sample ID in real-time and then provide them with the option to upload the information when they have access to mobile data or Wi-Fi services.

“In addition to drastically speeding up the sampling time between fields, it also makes it more likely that more pictures will be taken of the crop throughout the season” said Terry Kukle, VP Marketing.

“Capturing pictures of the crop throughout the season and allowing the growers and their agronomists to see what is happening in real-time along with their NutriAnalytics recommendation, allows them to make much quicker and more informed decisions” added Dr. Sebastian Margarit, Director of Agronomy.

We are excited to see how this app will enhance and reshape the experience of both the grower and the agronomists who are using NutriAnalytics. We continue to work towards improving not only the algorithms and models within the platform but the overall user experience. Field Walker is available now and can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play

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