NutriAg Launches SproutMax™, One of the First Registered PGR Products in Canada for Blueberries

NutriAg is excited to introduce a newly registered fertilizer called SproutMax™. This is one of the first PGR products available in Canada for blueberries and it marks the second registered PGR product for NutriAg in less than a year.

The technology in SproutMax speeds up the filling process in new fields, reducing the amount of time it takes to get a fruiting blueberry crop. The exclusive Plant Growth Enhancer Technology™ (PGE™) is formulated with plant growth stimulants that work together to improve sprout development and uniformity.

SproutMax also contains one of NutriAg’s staple technologies, PAC™ (PolyAldoCarbosate®). The plant-derived carbohydrates in PAC technology chelate nutrients to deliver easily metabolized nutrition to the crop.

The combination of exceptional technology in SproutMax and its compatibility with most foliar fertilizers and pesticides makes it a highly effective and valuable addition to blueberry spray programs.

“Improvements in the speed of development in all perennial crops is key to a grower’s profitability, and blueberries are no exception,” says Dr. Sebastian Margarit, Director of Agronomy at NutriAg. “SproutMax has demonstrated an ability to improve the proliferation and density of new plants in developing fields and we’re excited to be offering this solution to blueberry growers in Canada.”

“Nutrients alone can only take you so far,” says Martin Bloomberg, President of NutriAg. “Which is why we continue to create technologies that will drive better results.”

SproutMax is currently available for sale in Canada. NutriAg will continue to work towards combining plant growth stimulants with effective foliar nutrition to maximize yields.

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