The Triple-Play

The Triple Play combination of three exclusive NutriAg products enhance crop health by improving overall growing conditions and nutrient use efficiency.

Efficiently delivers 8 essential crop nutrients in a safe and efficient manner into the plant.

Provides a readily available carbohydrate based energy source that promotes movement of sugars into the crop.

Aids in cell lignification and strengthening of cells.

Enhances plant health by improving abiotic stress tolerance.

Maximizes photosynthesis and energy movement within the crop to push growth.

This combination of products has been shown to have a synergistic relationship that leads to a healthier plant.

Activated by:
  • Chelates nutrients
  • Enhances Nutrient Uptake
  • Excellent Tank-mix compatibility
  • 100% orthophosphate
  • Includes additional micronutrients
  • True solutions
  • Improves abiotic stress tolerance
  • Improves growing conditions
  • Optimizes crop metabolism

Trial Data

Crop: Almonds (C.V. non-pareil)
Year: 2020
Location: Mendota, California
Trial Type: RCBD
Treatments: Grower standard vs. Grower Standard + 

1 qt/ac TruPhos MeriStim + 1 qt/ac Alexin +
1 qt/ac ZinManMax  applied at petal fall 

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