PAC is NutriAg’s proprietary, natural plant-derived chelation
technology used in a wide variety of products.

Easily recognized/ metabolized by the plant

PAC carbohydrates are naturally occurring.

Excellent tank-mix compatibility

Chelation prevents interactions of ions in the spray tank.

Safe to apply

Greenhouse tests conducted at high rates demonstrate the safety of PAC.

True Solution

PAC chelates nutrients to help form true solutions


Plant cuticles are negatively charged, PAC is neutral


Polar pores are 1-5 nm, PAC carbohydrates combined with micronutrients are 0.77 nm.

How PAC works:

Did you know?

Macronutrients and micronutrients
are essential for healthy plant growth

Metal ions like zinc and iron are positively charged in solution and are attracted to the negative charge of the leaf cuticle which reduces nutrient uptake.

PAC Chelates have a neutral charge and are small enough to penetrate the leaf tissue

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Data from the field:

Phytotoxicity Test

Equal amounts of manganese were applied to a section of a corn plant. Even at a high rate, MangaMax was safe whereas, the Mn-EDTA resulted in necrosis and chlorosis.

On the Crop vs. In the Crop

Equal amounts of manganese were applied. Leaf tips were harvested 3 days after spotting the product on a separate area. ManMax got significantly more Mn into the leaf and moved into unsprayed tissue.