Max Line

The Max™ Line of chelated nutrients contains our exclusive PolyAldoCarbosate® (PAC™) technology. The specially formulated, plant-derived carbohydrates in PAC technology create extremely valuable, immediately utilized nutrients for foliar application. The unique binding process of this technology is the key to PAC foliar fertilization efficiency. Max Line-delivered nutrients help to ensure that crops reach their maximum yield and quality by penetrating the cuticle for rapid delivery to plant cells.

Technologies Used

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BoronMax®8.1% BPAC
CalciMax®8.0% Ca, 0.5% BPAC
CelluMax™9.0% K₂O, 3.0% SiPAC
CuMax™4.2% CuPAC
FeMax™4.0% FePAC
K-Max Extra™24.0% K₂OPAC
MagicalMax™5.5% Ca, 2.0%Mg, 0.5% BPAC
MagMax™6.0% Mg, 0.5% BPAC


4.0% Mg, 3.0% Mn, 0.5% B


ManMax™5.5% Mn, 0.45% B, 0.5% MoPAC
MangaMax™5.5% Mn, 0.45% BPAC
MolyMax™5.0% MoPAC
N-Max™24.0% NPAC
S-Max™19.0% N, 5.0% K₂O, 15% SPAC


7.6% Ca, 1.0% Si, 0.47% BPAC
SproutMax™1.0% B, 3.0% Mg, 1.3% Zn, 0.001% Cytokinin (kinetin), 0.03% IBA (indole-3-butyric acid)PAC, PGE
ZincMax®10.2% Zn, 0.5% BPAC
ZinManMax™5.1% Zn, 2.7% Mn, 0.5% B, 0.25% MoPAC

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