About Us

Agriculture is always evolving.
So are we.

NutriAg, a multigenerational company, was founded almost 60 years ago on the premise of Experience and Innovation in order to provide Solutions to the grower. These fundamental drivers still hold true today as NutriAg continues to be recognized as a leader in the field of plant nutrition and agricultural crop technology.

Experience – Our most valued asset is our people. We have highly trained scientists and crop specialists embedded in all our growing communities, providing the personalized support our customers need to identify crop deficiencies and potential growing problems.

Innovation – Using our proprietary 
Sci-Gronomic technology, NutriAg focuses on scientifically enhancing the required nutrient. This technology has a direct effect on plant uptake and utilization by the crop. Our team of 18 R&D scientists are dedicated to improving various chemistries to grow crops more efficiently.

Solutions – From 
soil-applied liquid fertilizers, seed treatments, fertilizer coatings and foliar feeds to water conditioners and biological inoculants, we strive to provide the ideal solution growers need to take their crop from seeding to harvest.

Our products span across 35 countries, supported by 3 NutriAg manufacturing facilities in North America. NutriAg is committed to provide specific solutions to specific growing problems. 

Martin Bloomberg
President and CEO

NutriAg’s president Martin Bloomberg has more than three decades of business strategy and agricultural science experience. A multi-talented registered agrologist…

Message from the President

“Thank you for visiting our website. The NutriAg group started out nearly 60 years ago with the vision of supplying scientific agricultural products for specific problems. I am proud to confirm that after all these years, we have been able to continue this commitment by constantly developing cutting-edge chemistries to achieve our goal of manufacturing the most unique products with unsurpassed excellence in quality, compatibility, safety and field performance.

Our team of committed field agronomists and scientists are strategically embedded within the various growing communities throughout our markets to provide technical field support, to help ensure maximum crop yield.

All of this was achieved by our promise to uphold strict safety standards for our own staff, product development and concern for the environment.”

Martin Bloomberg, President

Our Management Team

Our team comprises of a group of professional agronomists, scientists, accountants and marketing specialists all working together to create an agricultural technology company. Here are just a few of the key players.

Aric Azbel
Chief Financial Officer

Aric Azbel is a meticulous and analytical chartered accountant with over two decades of experience in strategic financial planning, corporate finance…

Kelly Tanaka
Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Kelly Tanaka is the Chief Scientific Officer who leads NutriAg’s exceptional team of researchers. Kelly is responsible for the Company’s product…

Antony Hand
Chief Commercial Officer

Antony has a  wealth of experience, as he has managed businesses in the Specialty Agriculture and Turf and Ornamental markets, as…

Terry Kukle
VP Marketing

Terry Kukle is the VP of Marketing who is focused on developing and implementing NutriAg’s cohesive growth strategy. Terry has been in the…

Derek Williams
VP Manufacturing

Derek Williams ensures efficient manufacturing across NutriAg’s entire product line. Derek continues to reinforce the highest standards of…

Lucia Ko
VP Internal Audit & Costing

Lucia Ko is the VP of Internal Audit & Costing. She provides leadership and effective inventory auditing and analysis for strategic product costing…

Jack Kraus
VP Technical Market Development – USA

Jack Krause is the Vice President of Technical Market Development at NutriAg USA. Outstanding in plant nutrition…

Sebastian Margarit 
VP Informatics and Agronomy

Dr. Sebastian Margarit is the VP Informatics and Agronomy at NutriAg and is the progenitor of NutriAnalytics. He is involved in developing the methods….

Andy Schenk
National Director of Sales and Strategic Accounts 

Andy Schenk is the National Director of Sales and Strategic Accounts. He has been in the specialty fertilizer business for over thirty years, working in sales, marketing, and …..

Ben Dalgleish 
Director of Sales, Eastern Region

Ben Dalgleish is Director of Sales Eastern Region. He has been in the agricultural business for over 15 years, working in sales, and management ….

Ari Bloomberg
Director of Sales, South Eastern USA

Ari Bloomberg is the Director of  Sales for the South Eastern USA. He has been with NutriAg for over 11 years and has extensive experience in all aspects of the company from procurement and manufacturing to…..

Daniel Cagan
Director of Logistics and Inventory Planning

Daniel Cagan is the Director of Logistics, Inventory Planning and Production Forecasting. He has extensive knowledge and experience in import and ….

Tom Bajorek
Director of Technical Support and Development

Dr. Tom Bajorek is the director of Technical Support and Development and he holds a PhD. in chemistry from McMaster University….

Chris Trobacher
Director of Research and Communication

Dr. Chris Trobacher is the Director of Research and Communication; he oversees the ambitious research program at NutriAg that guides…