Overcome stress and unlock potential. 

ACE  is NutriAg’s proprietary technology found in our Plant Activator  line of products.

You can’t avoid stressful conditions throughout the growing season. But you can better prepare your crops to deal with abiotic stress. ACE enhances abiotic stress tolerance, strengthens cellular structures and helps crops maintain an optimal rate of metabolism to better prepare them for stressful conditions throughout the season.


Optimizes crop metabolism.


Enhances abiotic stress tolerance.


Benefits overall crop health and protects yield. 


Benefits of ACE:

ACE technology helps to improve growing conditions, allowing natural antioxidant systems to prevent oxidative damage.


Improves the crop’s ability to withstand adverse conditions.


Better prepares crops to deal with unfavorable environmental conditions and abiotic stressors.


How do imperfect conditions limit yield? 

  •  Reduces uptake of water and nutrients.

  •  Physically damages the plant and its cellular structures.

  •  Interrupts cellular metabolism.

  •  Leads to excessive production of reactive oxygen species (ROS).

Results from the field.



1 L/ac Alexin  applied at V5, 4 days post hail with Roundup .Resulted in a 25 bu/ac yield increase.



Products containing ACE:

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Plant Activator Line

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Liquid, micronutrient foliar fertilizers with ACE technology. 



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