Plant Activator Line


The exceptional Active Cell Elicitor™ (ACE™) technology in NutriAg’s Plant Activator™ Line has been proven by independent research to help enhance abiotic stress tolerance. These products also provide essential nutrition, which improves growing conditions and prepares crops for potential future pressures that could negatively impact growth and yield. These optimized conditions allow all crops to tolerate a wide range of abiotic stresses, regardless of unforeseen conditions.

  • Enhances tolerance to abiotic stress to mitigate negative stress events and help maximize yield.

  • Provides key nutrients to benefit crop performance during stress incidents and improve recovery.

  • Compatible with most foliar fertilizer and pesticides for easy incorporation into spray programs.


Our exclusive formula complexes nutrients with natural, plant-derived carbohydrates to enhance nutrient uptake and optimize usage by the plant. 

Our specialized compounds enhance abiotic stress tolerance, benefit overall crop health and protect yield.

*Analysis subject to change in individual states.