TruPhos Line provides 100% available P.

Activated by our exclusive
Matrix Ortho-Deprotonation™ technology.

NutriAg’s TruPhos Line™ is comprised of high phosphate liquid fertilizers that contain combinations of nitrogen,
potassium and micronutrients as fully dissolved true solutions.The nutrients in TruPhos products are 100% plant available. These products are well suited for both foliar and soil applications.

ManZinPhos Max Plus™

6-20-5, 1.8% S, 3.0% Mn, 1.0% Zn


TruPhos Calcium™0-23-3, 3% CaMOD

TruPhos Magnesium™

0-29-5, 4.0% Mg


TruPhos Cobalt™0-20-6, 1% CoMOD
TruPhos Platinum™5-18-2, 0.4% Mg, 0.8% S, 0.8% Zn, 0.1% Fe, 0.1% Cu, 0.1% B, 0.05% Mo, 0.05% Co, 0.04% Mn


TruPhos Zinc™

6-20-0, 4.0% ZnMOD

Many phosphorus products are poor choices for foliar application because they form cloudy suspensions in spray tanks due to their low solubility. There are two types of phosphorus that form true solutions: orthophosphate and polyphosphate. Although there are many different forms of phosphorus, orthophosphate is the only form that is immediately available to the plant.

Foliar Applied
Phosphorus is Key.

• The soil alone rarely supplies sufficient
  phosphorus for optimum production demands.

• A large amount of soil-applied phosphorus
  ties up in soil and becomes unavailable for
  plant uptake.

• Plant roots are often unable to take up
  sufficient phosphorus to meet peak
  demand periods.

• Low soil temperatures and wet soils impede
  phosphorus uptake by roots.

• Phosphorus from foliar applied TruPhos
  products is immediately available to the plant.

Protect the integrity
of your spray.

NutriAg’s TruPhos Meri-Stim™ forms a true solution when added to water because of the unique sequestering ability of MOD technology. Zinc phosphate does not contain this technology and results in the formation of solids in the bottom of the jar. Competing phosphorus products can be poor choices for foliar application because they form these cloudy suspensions in spray tanks causing blockages in spray equipment. 

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