TerraDrive is a new and unique micronutrient fertilizer that enhances root growth and development. Our unique Plant Growth Enhancer™ (PGE) technology is formulated with plant growth stimulants to optimize overall crop development. The exceptional technology in TerraDrive makes it highly effective as both a foliar fertilizer and as an additive to most liquid starter fertilizers, side dresses or transplant water solutions.


Contains unique PGE technology to enhance lateral root growth and the overall health and performance of crops


Delivers fully complexed crop nutrition in a true solution for the highest crop safety and tank-mix compatibility.


 Increases overall root size and biomass resulting in improved yield potential.

Activated by:

Chelates nutrients
Enhance nutrient uptake
Excellent tank-mix compatibility

Enhances lateral root growth
Increases root size and biomass
Boosts overall crop health and performance

 Ideal for both soil and foliar applications


Boron                                      0.25%

Copper                                    1.30%

Manganese                             2.90%  

Molybdenum                           0.25%

Zinc                                         1.50%

Indole-3-butyric acid (IBA)     0.057%

*Includes 2.38% Sulfur

Application Rate:

Foliar: 1.0 L/ac (2.5 L/ha)
Fertigation/In furrow: 1.0-2.0 L/ac (2.5-5.0 L/ha)

Data from the field

In Ontario, TerraDrive delivered a 13.9 bu/ac positive yield response incorn compared to a 6-24-6 starter used alone.


In Eastern Canada, TerraDrive delivered an 18.2 bu/ac yield response in oats, a 10.7 bu/ac yield response in spring wheat and a 6.4 bu/ac yield response in barley, compared to TrioMax™.