SiliCalMax is a unique foliar fertilizer that contains both calcium and silicon.
It’s designed to provide developing tissue and fruit with valuable nutrition
and prevent deficiencies and physiological disorders before they can get started.


Uses plant-derived carbohydrates to deliver easily metabolized calcium to the growing tissue, including fruit


Some free Si will penetrate into the plant where it will fortify the cuticular barrier, further protecting the plant from water loss and it can even improve tolerance to environmental stress.


Si coats the leaf surface, reducing transpiration and reinforcing the external barrier to prevent harmful penetration into the plant.


Foliar applications of Si can improve nutrient use efficiency in apples. A study showed that with increasing Si concentrations, N, P, K and Ca concentrations also increased in both the leaves and fruit.


Boron ( B )                    0.47%

Calcium ( Ca )                7.6%

Silicon ( Si )                   1.0%

Application Rate:

1.0-1.5 L/ac

Data from the field:


Bitter Pit:
Bitter pit is a very common physiological disorder in apples that results in a breakdown of cells under the skin, causing dark depressions in the fruit that have a bitter taste. Calcium is essential for cell wall development and with inadequate amounts, cells become unstable and break down. Applying foliar calcium during fruit development allows enough calcium to enter the fruit, strengthening the cell walls, and reducing the incidence of bitter pit.

In apples, SiliCalMax resulted in lower bitter pit incidence compared to untreated and competitor treatments. 100 fruit were measured for bitter pit before harvest.

Rate: All products were applied at 1 L/ac
Location: Ontario, Canada
Crop: Apples var. Honeycrisp
Timing: Applications started at bloom and continued until harvest every 7-14 days

In an analysis of 300 fruit across 10 growers, perfect
fruit had higher Si concentrations compared to fruit with bitter pit and internal disorder.

Nova Scotia, Canada
Crop: Apples var. Honeycrisp

A NutriAg program for honeycrisp apples that included SiliCalMax delivered higher yield, brix and fruit firmness along with lower bitter pit incidence compared to a competitor program, across two locations in New York.

Pink – 2 pt/ac SiliCalMax + 1 pt/ac ZincMax™
Full Bloom – 8 oz/ac BoronMax™ + 2 pt/ac SiliCalMax + 1 pt/ac ZincMax
Petal Fall – 2 pt/ac 
SiliCalMax + 1 pt/ac ZincMax + 3 pt/ac TruPhos Magnesium™ 
Cover Sprays (6 apps) – 4 pt/ac SiliCalMax + 2 pt/ac TruPhos Magnesium



Several studies have demonstrated the positive effects of soil applied silicon in potatoes.1-2 In general, crops treated with silicon resulted in larger, healthier tubers, particularly under drought conditions. It has also been shown that Si can improve nutrient use efficiency and increase overall tuber quality.

In potatoes, SiliCalMax delivered higher
total and marketable yields compared to

Rate: 3 L/ac CalciMax vs. 3 L/ac SiliCalMax
Location: Grand Falls, New Brunswick
Crop: Potatoes var. Dark Red Norland
Timing: Furrow at planting