The VigorMax® seed treatment line provides available micronutrients to the seed immediately after imbibition, giving developing roots the boost they need for the strongest start possible. VigorMax also contains PAC™ technology, which utilizes plant-derived carbohydrates to deliver easily metabolized nutrition to the crop. Overall, the result is earlier root growth, more even establishment and ultimately, higher yield potential.

  • Contains PAC technology to ensure the efficient uptake
    of nutrients for maximum nutritional benefits

  • Promotes early root development, even in cold soils.

  • Coats every seed to ensure even distribution of micronutrients across the field.

  • Puts crops closer to essential micronutrients to prevent deficiencies before they can get started.


Our exclusive formula uses natural, plant-derived carbohydrates to complex nutrients for enhanced nutrient uptake and usage by the plant.