Using 100% Orthophosphate and MOD Technology (Matrix Ortho Deprotonation™), we have created a line of high-phosphorus foliar fertilizers with other nutrients, all in true solutions.

P is readily transported throughout the plant from source leaves to sink tissues.

Foliar Orthophosphate is a powerful method to deliver P at critical times during development.

Avoids P immobilization in the soil.
MOD technology allows other nutrients to be applied with a high P source.

Did you know?

20-80% of soil phosphorus (P) is in the organic (immobile) form.

Plants create an area around the roots that
is depleted of available P because the roots absorb the P faster than it can move into the root zone.

Crops can deplete the P supply in their rooting zone and become deficient.

Truphos Line of products have
good tank-mix compatibility

TruPhos products are gentle
on the crop and deliver the
nutrition your crop needs.

Data from the field

Crop: Almonds (C.V. Non-Pareil)
Year: 2019
Location: Reedley, California
Design: Split filed, 15-acre plot
Treatment: 1 qt/ac TruPhos Meristim
Application Timing: Full bloom