Break free from unavailable Phosphorus.

MOD  is NutriAg's proprietary orthophosphate technology found in TruPhos  products. 

The majority of high phosphate fertilizers cannot include additional micronutrients because this results in insoluble precipitates and ultimately, a useless foliar fertilizer.
This isn’t the case with MOD technology.




High-phosphorus foliar fertilizers with micronutrients


Products containing MOD technology are True Solutions

Benefits of MOD:

Foliar orthophosphate is a powerful method to deliver P at critical times in development.


P is readily transported throughout the plant from source leaves to sink tissues. 


True Solutions:

High crop safety and tank-mix compatibility. 


Ortho vs. Polyphosphate.

Foliar phosphorus fertilizers must be 100% orthophosphate. 

Large, plant unavailable molecule

Zone of Depletion

Small, plant available molecule

The zone of depletion.

  • 20-80% of soil phosphorus (P) is in the organic (immobile) form.

  • Plants create an area around the roots that is depleted of available P because the roots absorb the P faster than it can move into the root zone.

  • Crops can deplete the P supply in their rooting zone and become deficient. 

  • Applying foliar phosphorus can help correct deficiencies mid-season and does not rely on P in the soil. 

Results from the field.

TruPhos products including TruPhos Magnesium , TruPhos Calcium  and TruPhos Platinum  have shown improved fruit colour outcomes for difficult-to-colour varieties like Honeycrisp and Pink Lady. 

2 applications of TruPhos Platinum at 1 L/ac during early fruit set and bulking. 

Products containing MOD:

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TruPhos  Line


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Liquid, 100% orthophosphate foliar fertilizers. 



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