Maxi-Boost is a liquid fertilizer specially designed to optimize soil conditions
to kick-start root development. Maxi-Boost contains seaweed extract and EBN™ technology
that provides the developing root system with much needed micronutrients,
helping crops to get off to the best start possible.


1. Maximizes nutrient uptake from the soil to promote better crop establishment.

2. Provides essential nutrition in a fully available form for maximum nutrient uptake and utilization.

3. Creates a strong well-developed root system that carries the crop through to yield.

Excusive Technology

Our Essential Bionutritional complexes biofortify our fertilizers with natural metabolites to
deliver superior performance by improving overall growing conditions leading to higher yields.

Molecular Nutrition

Standard fertilizers supply traditional elemental nutrition, we combine this with molecular nutrition in the form of EBN’s that supply your crop with a variety of essential biomolecules. The EBNs can be used in three ways, by direct incorporation into growing tissues, through conversion into other molecules, or by being oxidized to provide additional cellular energy.

Compounds selected as EBNs

Cofactors Extracts, Amines, Amino Acids, Carbohydrates, Antioxidants

The result is a variety of EBN packages that are matched with different foliar fertilizer formulations to support early crop development and yields at the end of the season.


Magnesium  (Mg)                    1.05%

Sulphur (S)                              1.38%  

Manganese (Mn)                     0.25%

Boron (B)                                 0.25%

Zinc (Zn)                                  0.14%

Copper (Cu)                             0.25%

Molybdenum (Mo)                   0.004% 

Also contains Seaweed

Application Rate: 1.0 qt/ac

Data from the field:


Crop: Processing Tomatoes
Year: 2015 Location: Five Points, CA
Design: RCBD
0.5 qt/ac Maxi-Boost at transplant


Crop: Lettuce
Year: 2019
Location: NutriAg Greenhouse
Design: RCBD
Treatment: 1 qt/ac MaxiBoost vs
Maxi-Boost + EBN in transplant water

How EBN's Work: