Max Line


The Max™ Line of complexed nutrients contains our exclusive PolyAldoCarbosate  (PAC  ) technology. The specially formulated, plant-derived carbohydrates in PAC technology create extremely valuable, immediately utilized nutrients for foliar application. The unique binding process of this technology is the key to PAC foliar fertilization efficiency. Max Line-delivered nutrients help to ensure that crops reach their maximum yield and quality by penetrating the cuticle for rapid delivery to plant cells.



  • PAC technology ensures efficient uptake of nutrients through the leaf cuticle for maximum nutritional benefits.

  • Plant-derived carbohydrates form complexes to deliver easily metabolized nutrition to the crop.

  • Nutrients are specially formulated in a true solution for superior crop safety and tank-mix compatibility.


Our exclusive formula complexes nutrients with natural, plant-derived carbohydrates to enhance nutrient uptake and optimize usage by the plant. 

Our unique combination of carboxylic acids and modified carbohydrate derivatives increase a plant's natural growth and nutrient utilization to advance crop yield. 

*Products only available in California