FertiCare Micronutrient Coating​


Crops need complete nutrition right from the get-go. Growers don’t have to wait to give crops the nutrients they need for strong emergence and establishment. FertiCare®  is a new line of liquid micronutrient coating products that uniformly and effectively coat granular fertilizer.

These products coat every single granule with the perfect combination of micronutrients, putting crops closer to essential nutrition and promoting more even distribution across the field. The result is earlier root growth, more even establishment and ultimately, higher yield potential. 

Technologies Used

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Product Analysis Technology
FertiCare BoronCoat 8.1% B PAC
FertiCare CuCoat 4.2% CuPAC
FertiCare FeCoat 4.0% FePAC
FertiCare ManCoat 5.5% Mn, 0.45% B, 0.5% Mo PAC
FertiCare MegaCoat 0.05% Mo, 2.0% Mn, 0.5% B, 6.0% Zn, 1.0% Cu PAC
FertiCare ZincCoat10.0% Zn, 0.5% BPAC

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