FertiCare® is a liquid micronutrient-coating line that uniformly and effectively coats granular fertilizers. FertiCare coats every single granule with the perfect combination of micronutrients, putting crops closer to essential nutrition and promoting more even distribution across the field.


Built-in micronutrient packages designed to enhance the performance of existing soil-applied fertilizers.


Contains PAC™ technology, ensuring efficient uptake and metabolism of nutrients for maximum nutritional benefits.


Water-based formulation for convenient handling and use. Reduces dusting & micronutrient loss during application.


Delivers fully chelated crop nutrition in a true solution for the highest crop safety. 

Benefits that go well beyond the soil.

Compared to untreated and competitors, corn plants treated with FertiCare AllCoat had significantly higher root and shoot biomass.

Application Rates:
NPK: 1-4 L/tonne of granular fertilizer
Urea: 1-2 L/tonne of granular fertilizer

Caution should be taken when applying FertiCare micronutrient products to urea.
Do not exceed 2 L/tonne.

Activated by:

Chelates nutrients
Enhances Nutrient Uptake
Excellent Tank-mix compatibility

Data from the field

Quality over Quantity

FertiCare had 8x less zinc applied compared to a competitor
micronutrient coating product. Using a chelated nutrient in
a true solution means higher availability. Oxide suspensions
make nutrients more difficult to access because they are in
an insoluble form. 


FertiCare ZincCoat delivered a 5.2 bu/ac increase in corn and FertiCare AllCoat delivered a 3.8 bu/ac increase in winter wheat over competitor products.

2019-2020 Bright, Ontario, 3rd party trials conducted by Black Creek Research

FertiCare AllCoat delivered an average of 13.5 bu/ac in oats and 5.7 bu/ac in barley, against untreated, across 4 trials in Eastern Canada, between 2018 and 2019. FertiCare AllCoat was applied at 1.4 L/tonne