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Don’t let your investment dry out. Protect it.

Give crops the strength to cope with dry conditions.

The Problem:

When it’s hot and it hasn’t rained for weeks, how do your crops cope? During times of low water supply, the stomata on the leaves close to prevent water loss. This helps to conserve water in the leaves but it also disrupts the water movement throughout the plant. Crops are then unable to absorb water through their roots, limiting the amount of nutrients that can be taken up. This ultimately leads to a lack of nutrition needed for proper growth, causing stress and ultimately reducing yield.

Applying a foliar fertilizer can supply the nutrients needed to mitigate loss and prevent further yield loss. Promoting crop development through timely foliar fertilization gives crops a good foundation for strong growth and development throughout the season.

Key Nutrients

Potassium (K)

Proper K levels can prevent or delay water from moving out of cells and the loss of turgor pressure or wilting during drought events. Applying K when the crop is under moisture stress not only improves crop tolerance to drought, it can also maintain photosynthetic rate, improve growth and increase yield.

Boron (B)

Boron is another important nutrient to supply, especially during flowering. If B is limiting during this critical period, it can result in decreased yields. Adequate B can lead to successful pollination and seed set and maintain optimal sugar transport.

Copper (Cu)

Copper is known to activate plant-defense mechanisms due to its role in various enzyme systems and its involvement in the production of antimicrobial compounds. Applying Cu can help plants better withstand stressful conditions like drought.

The Solution:

KP Plus™ is a fully soluble, foliar fertilizer for both broadleaf and cereal crops that enhances the abiotic stress tolerance capabilities of crops. This means that crops are better able to withstand various abiotic stresses throughout the season, minimizing delays in maturity and maximizing yield potential.

KP Plus

Rate: 1 kg/ac (2.5 kg/ha)

Nitrogen (N)…………….1%
Phosphorus (P2O5)……50%
Potassium (K2O)……….33%


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