Message from our President

"Thank you for visiting our website.

The NutriAg Group started out nearly 60 years ago with the vision of supplying Specific Agricultural Products for Specific Problems.

I am proud to confirm that after all these years, we have been able to continue this commitment by constantly developing cutting-edge chemistries to achieve our goal of manufacturing the most unique products with unsurpassed excellence in quality, compatibility, safety and field performance.

Our team of committed field agronomists and scientists are strategically embedded within the various growing communities throughout our markets to provide technical field support, to help ensure maximum crop yield.

All of this is achieved by our promise to uphold strict safety standards for our own staff, product development and concern for the environment."

Martin Bloomberg, President

Our proud history

The company originated in the early 1960s in South Africa, where it was started by world-renowned agronomist, Dr. Jonah Fisher. In 1993, NutriAg Ltd. was established in North America to support the development of the North American markets, and by 1999, had established its head office in Toronto, Canada, complete with a multifunctional production facility.

Our values

Our journey