Give legumes the boost they need for the strongest start possible. The BOS™ line of inoculants contain a unique dual strain of bioactives that go well beyond your typical product to maximize yield potential from start to finish.


Get the dual strain benefit of Rhizobium and Pseudomonas. Pseudomonas is our proprietary beneficial biological included in all BOS inoculants. This is a unique plant growth promoting bacteria that provides several additional benefits to your legumes.

Has more Rhizobia

Helps to promote more root growth

Improves micronutrient availability and uptake

Increases Nitrogen fixation

Improves tolerance to environmantal stress

Provides greater solubilization of phosphate and silicon 


BOS Inoculant has up to 150% more CFU/g than competitor brands. More CFU/g increases the chances of successful nodulation which increases nitrogen fixation giving your crop an early advantage.

Field Peas Results

In field peas, BOS Pea, Lentil, Faba Peat inoculant delivered an 8.7 bu/ac positive yield response over a single-strain competitor across 9 locations in Canada.

Double Inoculation

Double inoculation with BOS Soybean Peat inoculant delivered a 4.5 bu/ac positive average yield response, at 11 different locations across Canada between 2016 and 2018.

1 Our sterile SA peat and liquid inoculants are compatible with the majority of seed treatments available on the market.
*BOS Inoculants have up to 150% more CFU/g than competitor brands.
*Get a free Leatherman Bond or similar style with you first purchase of 980kg of any combined granular product or 135kg of any peat product
**Proof of purchase required.