BioNutritional Line


NutriAg's newest technology, Essential BioNutritionals™ (EBN™), biofortifies or helps to increase the nutritional content of our fertilizers with a variety of biomolecules to naturally improve conditions for growth and development. 

  • The biofortification of EBN technology improves the nutritional quality of the food for the crop to boost yields. 

  • Compounds selected as EBNs can be cofactors, extracts, amines, amino acids, carbohydrates or antioxidants. 

  • A variety of EBN packages are available that are matched with different foliar fertilizer formulations to support early crop development and yields at the end of the season. 


Our Essential BioNutritional complexes biofortify our exclusive fertilizers with natural metabolites to deliver superior performance by improving overall growing conditions, leading to higher yields. 

Our exclusive formula complexes nutrients with natural, plant-derived carbohydrates to enhance nutrient uptake and optimize usage by the plant.