Wolf Trax


Add a boost to your dry fertilizer by blending with Wolf Trax® Innovative Nutrients. Scientifically designed with patented technologies to deliver crop nutrition to young plants, Wolf Trax DDP® and Nu-Trax™ P+ with CropStart™ Technology can add value to any operation.  

  • EvenCoat™ Technology: Coating dry fertilizer results in a blanket-like distribution across the field, more feeding sites for roots and early plant uptake. 

  • PlantActiv™ Formulation: The small particle size is ideal for uptake by roots, the unique formulation helps DDP nutrients avoid soil tie-up for improved nutrient performance. 

  • Better Distribution: Compared to granular fertilizer, Wolf Trax was proven to have less variability in distribution, delivering a more even distribution of micronutrients.