Balanced Water For Quality Sprays


Acidifies Alkaline Water: Reduces spray water pH to the ideal level (pH 5), which prevents the decomposition (breakdown) of pesticides (alkaline hydrolysis).



Decreases Effects of Water Hardness: Ties up excess salts found in hard water that can interfere with the chemical performance.

pH indicator: Contains a unique, patented visual pH colour indicator. It signals once the optimal pH has been reached by instantly turning the spray water yellow at pH 5. This eliminates the need for expensive testing equipment and the uncertainty of using a fixed rate of acidifier.



Buffering: Acts as a buffer to prevent over-acidification if too much is added to the spray water.

Utility modifier: Widens the conditions under which a control product is useful and maintains the integrity of the spray solution.

Disclose pH.png
Disclose pH.png
Disclose pH.png

Water quality matters, especially when it comes to what’s going into your tank. Starting with the best quality water is the first step towards ensuring success. Disclose pH® from NutriAg uses unique technology to condition spray water, helping to overcome various spray-water problems that can have a negative effect on agricultural sprays.Disclose pH is unique, phosphate-free made with specially-selected organic acids, helping to prevent algal growth, build-up in your sprayer and runoff.

(Water hardness: 320 ppm CaCO3, Water volume: 100 L)

Quality vs Quantity

The results here demonstrate that less Disclose pH is required to reach pH 5 in hard water compared to a leading competitor.