NutriAg Foliar Nutrient Company 

NutriAg maximizes yields for farmer across North America with foliar feeding. 

Growing with the community.

At NutriAg, we pride ourselves on our commitment to local community building. NutriAg's Field Researcher for the people of Biola, California has been supervising a community vegetable gardener dedicated by NutriAg in Fresno. Students of all ages have learned about planting and transplanting seeds, how to manage weeds and how to tell if an arthropod or insect is a pest or a benefit to a plant. The students have also learned about plant structure and have been inspired to both grow their own gardens at home and to taste the fruits of their labour at school. 

Developing cutting-edge technology. 

Dr. Kelly Tanaka, NutriAg's Chief Scientific Officer, talks about leading innovation in agriscience and plant nutrition. 

Growing resilient carrots.  

Joe Uyenaka discuses what it takes to grow resilient carrots during a cool, wet summer. 

Regrowing roots to regrow onions. 

Joe Uyenaka talks about the importance of soil nutrition when it comes to onions recovering from bad weather and soil damage.  

PAC technology in hard water. 

Dr. Trissa Kantzas demonstrates the chelating and stabilizing ability of NutriAg's PAC technology.