Terra Line is a liquid,
soil-applied nutrient enhancer.

Terra Line is a liquid, soil-applied nutrient enhancer.

Terra Line is a liquid, soil-applied
nutrient enhancer.

Terra Line is a liquid,
soil-applied nutrient enhancer.

Activated by our exclusive technologies.

Our unique Plant Growth Enhancer™ (PGE™) technology is a plant growth stimulant that works together with nutrients to enhance and optimize crop development. The exceptional technology in the Terra Line makes these products highly effective as both foliar fertilizers and as additives to most liquid starter fertilizers, side dresses or transplant water solutions.

BoronMax®8.1% BPAC
CalciMax®8.0% Ca, 0.5% BPAC
CelluMax™9.0% K₂O, 3.0% SiPAC
CuMax™4.2% CuPAC
FeMax™4.0% FePAC
K-Max Extra™24.0% K₂OPAC
MagicalMax™5.5% Ca, 2.0%Mg, 0.5% BPAC
MagMax™6.0% Mg, 0.5% BPAC


4.0% Mg, 3.0% Mn, 0.5% B


ManMax™5.5% Mn, 0.45% B, 0.5% MoPAC
MangaMax™5.5% Mn, 0.45% BPAC
MolyMax™5.0% MoPAC
N-Max™24.0% NPAC
S-Max™19.0% N, 5.0% K₂O, 15% SPAC


7.6% Ca, 1.0% Si, 0.47% BPAC
SproutMax™1.0% B, 3.0% Mg, 1.3% Zn, 0.001% Cytokinin (kinetin), 0.03% IBA (indole-3-butyric acid)PAC, PGE
ZincMax®10.2% Zn, 0.5% BPAC
ZinManMax™5.1% Zn, 2.7% Mn, 0.5% B, 0.25% MoPAC


Your crop is only as strong as its core. It’s essential to build a strong foundation with available nutrition in the soil. Terra Core utilizes a specialized form of PAC technology to provide crops with readily available phosphorus, nitrogen & zinc, right when they need it most. Ideal pop-up starter option for row and vegetable crops. 


Terra-K’s unique liquid formulation allows for accurate placement of potassium during planting,
minimizing waste and maximizing potassium availability for the crop.
Terra-K is a perfect liquid potassium fertilizer alternative to potash.


Spring can be a challenging time for roots to obtain enough iron to meet crop demands, resulting in patches of iron deficiency chlorosis in your fields. High pH soils with excess free lime and high salinity are particularly challenging. Terra Ferra contains unique PAC Technology to chelate iron keeping it available your crop to ensure a strong start to the season.

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