What is Foliar Fertilization?

Updated: Sep 6, 2018

  • A technique of feeding plants by applying liquid fertilizer directly to their leaves

  • The most effective way to apply micronutrients or trace elements and to supplement macronutrients at key timings

  • Not a replacement for a sound soil fertility program

Purpose of foliar feeding.

To improve plant health and development when nutrient uptake from the root system is suppressed

  • or delayed.

  • To alleviate physiological stress after or before exposure of the plant to unfavorable weather events.

  • To supplement overall nutritional status of plants grown under intensive conditions or low soil fertility conditions.

  • To supplement nutrient supplies during critical peak demand period

Considerations for foliar feeding.

  • Do not attempt to completely replace a properly constructed soil fertilizer program with foliar feeds. This is because a plant cannot absorb sufficient quantities of most nutrients via the foliage to satisfy its full requirements for those nutrients.

  • Avoid applying foliar feeds during the warmest period of the day, during hot weather conditions, or to wilted plants.

  • Do not apply foliar feeds with lime sulfur, Bordeaux mixture or other potentially damaging substances.

  • Do not apply foliar feeds with certain stickers.