New BluLogic Fungicide: Same control. Less copper.

Updated: Oct 22, 2018

When it comes to disease control, individual products like copper and phosphite fungicides have been a staple for years. New, BluLogic™ fungicide breaks this mold. It's a next generation totally soluble, liquid copper-phosphite fungicide, unlike any other on the market. And it's officially registered for use in the US.


The specifics

Active ingredients

Copper – Group M1

Phosphite – Group 33

Application Rate

1-2 qt/ac depending on crop

Pre-harvest interval (PHI)

0 days

Diseases controlled

Botrytis in onions, fire blight in apples, powdery mildew in grapes, and more

Refer to the label for the full list of crops and diseases controlled.

The power of resilience.

BluLogic leverages Laminus™ technology, using a unique combination of copper and phosphite to enhance natural defense mechanisms to improve the crop's ability to withstand stressful conditions, leading to better quality crops and increased yields. More specifically, Laminus technology:

- Kick-starting antioxidant systems, which increases phytoalexin production.

- Reinforcing cell walls and defense responses.

- Increasing chlorophyll content and biomass

Fixed vs. Soluble copper fungicides.

Fixed copper fungicides (competitors)

- Contain a higher percentage of Cu

- Insoluble and often difficult to work with

- Copper hydroxide = 30% applied Cu

-~1% of that 30% Cu moves into the plant

- High risk for toxicity

- High cost per treatment

BluLogic soluble copper fungicide

- Contains a lower percentage of Cu

- Soluble and fully dissolved

- Copper carbonate = 1% applied copper

- ~100% of the Cu moves into the plant

- Low risk for phytotoxicity

- Cost effective

Visit to learn more and to see if BluLogic is registered in your state.

*Registered for use in the United States only in select states.