NutriAg Launches TerraDrive™, a New Soil and Foliar Fertilizer With PGE™ Technology.

TORONTO, December 4, 2018 ( - NutriAg is excited to introduce a newly registered soil-applied and foliar fertilizer called TerraDrive™ in Canada.

TerraDrive™ is a new and unique micronutrient fertilizer that enhances root growth and development. It contains exclusive PGE™ (Plant Growth Enhancer) technology, which is formulated with plant growth stimulants to optimize overall crop development. This also marks NutriAg’s first registered product containing plant growth stimulants.

TerraDrive also contains one of NutriAg’s staple technologies, PAC™ (PolyAldoCarbosate®). The specially formulated, plant-derived carbohydrates in PAC technology create extremely valuable, immediately utilized nutrients.

The combination of exceptional technology in TerraDrive makes it highly effective as both a foliar fertilizer and as an additive to most liquid starter fertilizers, side dresses or transplant water solutions.

“TerraDrive is a product we’ve been developing and improving for several years,” says Dr. Kelly Tanaka, Chief Scientific Officer. “We’ve seen extremely positive results in the field for a number of crops including wheat, corn, soybeans, and potatoes.”

 “The added benefits of the plant growth stimulants are clear,” says Dr. Tanaka, “we’re seeing further yield enhancements and better overall crop growth.”

TerraDrive is currently available for sale in Canada. NutriAg is optimistic about the future potential of combining plant growth stimulants with effective foliar nutrition.