NutriAg Launches New Water Conditioner in Canada Called Disclose pH®

Toronto, Canada, December 11, 2018 ( -  NutriAg has officially launched Disclose pH®  in Canada. This is a new water conditioner and utility modifier with a unique, patented, visual colour indicator that “discloses” the optimal pH. 

Water quality is important, especially when it comes to what goes into a spray tank. Starting with the best quality water is the first step towards ensuring success. Disclose pH uses unique technology to condition spray water, helping overcome various spray-water problems that can have a negative effect on agricultural sprays.

Disclose pH reduces spray-water pH to the ideal level (pH 5), preventing spray decomposition and it also ties up excess salts found in hard water that can interfere with agricultural sprays.

“One of the distinguishing features of Disclose pH is the colour indicator. It eliminates any guesswork associated with determining optimal pH, because Disclose pH will automatically turn spray water yellow at pH 5,” says Dr. Kelly Tanaka, Chief Scientific Officer.

“It also acts a buffer to prevent over acidification if too much is added to the spray tank,” says Dr. Tanaka. “This gives growers peace of mind and makes it an even more convenient product to use.”  

Disclose pH is currently available for sale in Canada. The launch of this water conditioner highlights NutriAg’s dedication to R&D and improving their product portfolio to meet the needs of growers.