Plant Activator Line
enhances abiotic stress
tolerance and protects yield.

Activated by our exclusive Active Cell Elicitor™ technology. 

The exceptional Active Cell Elicitor™ (ACE™) technology in NutriAg’s Plant Activator Line, has been shown by independent research to help enhance abiotic stress tolerance. These products provide essential nutrition as well as ACE technology, which prepares crops for plant stress due to sub-optimal growing conditions. ACE treated crops are able to tolerate a wide range of abiotic stress, regardless of unforeseen growing conditions.

Alexin®0-0-8, 2.4% Ca, 0.8% Mg, 0.2% BPAC, ACE

Alexin® (CA)*

0-0-8, 2.4% Ca, 0.8% MgPAC, ACE
KP Plus™1-50-33ACE



Environmental stress increases Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) production.

High levels of ROS are toxic and cause oxidative or cellular damage. Too much stress can decrease crop growth and yield. Every year growers experience significant revenue loss from low yields or poor crop quality because of the following abiotic stressors such as drought, excess rain, extreme temperatures, and biotic stress such as diseases, insects, and weeds.


Prevents oxidative damage
ACE technology strengthened antioxidant systems in this potato crop to prepare it for stressful conditions like a hail storm by preventing oxidative damage, maintaining optimal growth rates and protecting yield.

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