Critical Nutrients for Maximized Fill

Vegetative growth is just as important as reproductive/nut growth and maturation. Achieving full leaf expansion and optimal leaf health will result in a healthier crop. Meeting that high nutrient demand in the leaves and nutlets will help prevent nut drop common in deficient, stressed trees.


Foliar-applied orthophosphate increases photosynthetic rate and sugar synthesis, increasing carbohydrate production needed for optimal yields.


Ensuring your crop has sufficient levels of zinc helps to maintain proper levels of growth hormones, like auxins, that drive continued development of leaves and nuts. 


Magnesium is vital both for the formation of chlorophyll as the canopy develops and for moving sugars out of leaves and into the developing nuts as the season progresses.


Often the crop demand for K exceeds the supply from the roots and it’s also the most critical element for carbohydrate transport from the canopy to the fruit.


TruPhos Magnesium™

Phosphorus (P2O5)      29.0%
Potassium (K2O)          5.0%

Magnesium (Mg)          4.0%


Nutfill (May/June) – 2 qt/ac

K-Max Extra™

Potassium (K2O)          24.0%

Nutfill (May/June) - 2 qt/ac

Activated by:

Exclusive formula uses natural, plant-derived, carbohydrates to chelate nutrients for enhanced nutrient uptake and usage by the plant.


100% orthophosphate fertilizers with micronutrients,
all in a true solution.

Data from the field:

Crop: Almonds var. non-pareil
Year: 2017
Location: Mendota, California
Type: Split Field, 18 acres treated
Application: 2 qt/ac TruPhos Magnesium,
2 qt/ac K-Max Extra applied during nut fill on May 10