MEY – Maximum Economic Yield group was a concept first introduced to NutriAg by the late Wilfred Kelly from Eastern Canada. Wilfred believed strongly that a good partnership between
researchers and farmers was the key to long term success. 

The MEY group always encouraged growers to share their experiences in the field with our researchers through grower panels, open discussion, and in season field visits. We developed and nurtured a model of open sharing of data and trial work to allow farmers to make good agronomic choices.

Growers are also encouraged to join the group to network and meet other farmers in their geography and beyond. We work to explore the most relevant issues in modern agronomy, empower farmers to share their knowledge and allow our researchers to share the latest scientific literature on the topic. 

Lastly, the MEY group is able to identify key projects for further development by the local field trial staff, allowing farmers to have a direct say in the research taking place in their own backyard. 

We encourage growers to participate in the trials and we encourage open sharing of information within the group to learn from each other’s expertise and push further into maximizing economic yields.

We hope you can join us! See our current crop programs below.


Crop Specific
MEY Group is divided up by crops which currently include almonds, carrot, corn, potato, soybean, and onions.

Connecting the Field with the Lab
A 2-way dialogue between researches in the lab and the grower in the field.

Trial Overview
Access to the latest research and trial results conducted by the NutriAg team.

Grow Panel Discussions
Given the opportunity discuss their unique agronomic approaches to see how they differ or compliment the practices of their fellow growers across the country.

Third Party Experts
From industry to government and university extensions, these experts discuss research and opportunities in their respective fields.

Networking Opportunities
Connect with growers and industry experts (beyond your region as well) in your region who are dedicated to growing and cultivating the same crops.

CEU/CCA Credits
Earn CCA credits throughout the day for relevant agronomic talks and sessions.


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