Our team comprises of a group of professional agronomists, scientists, accountants and marketing specialists all working together to create an agricultural technology company. Here are just a few of the key players. 

Martin Bloomberg

President and CEO

NutriAg’s president Martin Bloomberg has more than three decades of business strategy and agricultural science experience. A multi-talented registered agrologist, he is involved in all aspects of the company and remains committed to creating a company with the most cutting edge plant nutrient based technologies.

Martin is also the named inventor of several local and international patents. He has published several articles in various international journals. He combines a passion for research and development with a love of agriculture and and a keen interest in marketing and commerce. With exemplary dedication, and influential commitment, Martin inspires his NutriAg teams to be the innovative market leaders in the industry.

Kelly Tanaka

Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Kelly Tanaka is the Chief Scientific Officer who leads NutriAg’s exceptional team of researchers.  Kelly is responsible for the Company’s product portfolio from concept to field validation for new products focused on agricultural unmet needs and sustainable farming practices.

He is coauthor or inventor on several peer reviewed scientific articles or patents and passionate about creating new solutions for growers around the globe. Kelly joined the NutriAg team in August 2009 after spending 7 years in the biotech sector honing his synthetic and product development skills.  

Kelly holds a PhD in carbohydrate chemistry from Simon Fraser University.

Terry Kukle

Vice President Marketing

Terry Kukle is the VP of Marketing who is focused on developing and implementing NutriAg’s cohesive growth strategy. Terry has been in the Marketing, Advertising and the M&A space for well over 20 years, which has given him vast experience in a wide variety of industries.


Terry has worked with both start-ups and large publicly traded companies and has sat on the board of directors for many companies and associations. His career has primarily focused on innovation, technology and media which will bring an exciting, fresh perspective to NutriAg.

Lucia Ko

Vice President Internal Audit & Costing

Lucia Ko is the VP of Internal Audit & Costing. She provides leadership and effective inventory auditing and analysis for strategic product costing and pricing to meet company goals.  Lucia has been working with the company since 2001. She has extensive background and experience in finance and supply chain management. She works with multiple departments utilizing expert knowledge to evaluate the internal operational processes and practices to add value and improve the organization’s risk management, control and governance processes.


She believes that the importance of sharing the company’s values and beliefs in a positive corporate culture with continuance improvement on process management can lead the Company on the success trajectory. 

Ari Bloomberg

Director of Customer & Vendor Relations

Ari Bloomberg is the Director of Customer & Vendor Relations, a key strategic and operational leadership role responsible for the development, continuous improvement and delivery of customer service and the strategic development of operational requirements, process and technology, to deliver key service outcomes for customers and vendors. 


Ari achieved his bachelors degree from McGill University in Montreal Quebec and his masters degree from McMaster University. Ari has been with NutriAg since fall of 2010.

Daniel Cagan

Director of Logistics and Inventory Planning

Daniel Cagan is the Director of Logistics, Inventory Planning and Production Forecasting.  He has extensive knowledge and experience in import and export business, operations management, warehouse operations, transportation regulations, and distribution. 


Daniel leads a team of highly skilled professionals, synergistically working with other departments in meeting and exceeding our customer's demands and expectations by delivering our products in the most cost effective, efficient, safe and timely approach.  Daniel and his team are driven in bringing to our customers the best NutriAg experience!

Aric Azbel

Chief Financial Officer

Aric Azbel is a meticulous and analytical chartered accountant with over two decades of experience in strategic financial planning, corporate finance and accounting. Along with his excellent team, Aric oversees NutriAg’s financial objectives and provides vital, well informed financial direction. 

He believes that his guidance and financial leadership achieve growth and financial integrity. Aric has worked with fast growing small to medium sized manufacturing organizations for over 25 years, creating and managing financial and operational infrastructure to facilitate ongoing rapid business growth.

He is a certified Chartered Accountant and a Certified Public Accountant.

Antony Hand

Chief Commercial Officer

Antony joins NutriAg with a wealth of experience, he has managed businesses in the Specialty Agriculture and Turf and Ornamental markets, as well as in industries from Food and Human Nutrition, to Nutraceuticals and Water Treatment. His previous roles included President, Sales, Marketing, Regulatory and R&D, in large multi-national to smaller family run businesses.


Antony brings a breadth of experience to NutriAg’s commercial operations to help drive the growth of our unique performance-based product ranges and continue to develop and commercialize the extensive R&D work that NutriAg is so proud of, all with the focus on maximizing the success of our customers.

Derek Williams

Vice President Manufacturing

Derek Williams ensures efficient manufacturing across NutriAg’s entire product line. Derek continues to reinforce the highest standards of environmental safety in NutriAg’s manufacturing process. He also ensures that all products are produced in the most cost effective manner.


Derek supervises and manages all three of NutriAg’s manufacturing plants, two in Canada, and one in the USA. He is dedicated to increasing both productivity and quality in all of NutriAg’s production plants, without ever compromising on safety.

Jack Krause

Vice President Technical Market Development – USA

Jack Krause is the Vice President of Technical Market Development at NutriAg USA. Outstanding in plant nutrition and plant physiology, he has concentrated much of his experience in crops grown in California and the US West Coast, including tree nuts, tree fruit and row crops. He coordinates and oversees US research and technical development, is directly involved in sales and market support, and has responsibilities in international development. 

Jack has an ability to interpret scientific data and literature into easily understood information and concepts that stimulate interest in even the less science oriented. His well-rounded knowledge makes him an invaluable resource to our business partners, crop advisors and growers.


Tom Bajorek

Director of Technical Support and Development

Dr. Tom Bajorek is the director of Technical Support and Development and he holds a PhD. in chemistry from McMaster University. Dr. Bajorek leads our NutriLab analytics department, and provides exemplary technical guidance to our entire team.


His expertise in IT allows for seamless integration of our reports and analysis for department-wide online access. As an accomplished research and development chemist, Tom has been widely published in scientific journals.