NutriAg is a renowned leader in the field of plant-foliar nutrition and agricultural crop technology. Through constant development, registration, manufacturing and marketing of a wide range of plant nutrient, spray adjuvant, inoculant and fungicide products, NutriAg is always at the forefront of innovative and agricultural science.


Our dedication to creating today’s most advanced nutrient and agricultural solutions is driven by the global demand for higher crop production and better crop performance, while still increasing returns to growers. By combining our knowledge of plant physiology and chemistry, we can ensure our technologies not only perform effectively, but also in an environmentally responsible manner.

“Although we come from traditional roots we are equally inspired by state-of-the-art technology. Our extraordinary team of scientists, management and sales staff are devoted to researching, developing and marketing our agricultural solutions in the safest, most environmentally-friendly and cost-effective way possible. We are passionate about developing exclusive products using our proprietary technologies, while at the same time, helping our customers surpass their goals.”


Martin Bloomberg – President & CEO


The company originated in the early 1960s in South Africa, where it was started by world-renowned agronomist, Dr. Jonah Fisher. In 1993, NutriAg Ltd. was established in North America to support the development of the North American markets, and by 1999, had established its head office in Toronto, Canada, complete with a multifunctional production facility.


NutriAg is committed to investing in R&D to supply and distribute high quality, innovative products to address present and future market needs. NutriAg continues to provide exceptional technical support, crop recommendations and practical solutions through field agronomists, in response to crop production challenges.