BB5 Line


 BB5  products, exclusively from NutriAg, are spray adjuvants that use unique technologies designed to overcome all spray-water problems, helping to improve the performance of pesticides and foliar feeds. Poor pesticide performance and tank-mix incompatibilities are often linked to the quality of the spray water. The pH, conductivity and hardness of the spray water have powerful negative influences on the effectiveness and compatibility of foliar-applied chemicals, including pesticides, herbicides and foliar fertilizers.


  • Acidifies Alkaline Water: reduces spray water pH to the ideal level (pH 5), which prevents the decomposition (breakdown) of pesticides (alkaline hydrolysis).

  • Decreases Effects of Water Hardness: Ties up excess salts found in hard water that can interfere with the chemical performance.

  • pH indicator: contains a unique, patented visual pH colour indicator. It signals once the optimal pH has been reached by instantly turning the spray water pink at pH5. This eliminates the need for expensive testing equipment and the uncertainty of using a fixed rate of acidifier.

  • Buffering: Acts as a buffer to prevent over-acidification if too much is added to the spray water.

  • Reduces Water Surface Tension: Reduces the surface tension of water causing the spray solution to spread over the leaf, providing better wetting and coverage. This improves the movement of foliar sprays through the waxy layers of the leaf cuticle, enhancing absorption.

  • Built-in Wetters and Stickers: Contains humectants that cause the spray to stay wet on the leaf longer, allowing more time for foliar uptake to occur.

  • Products: BB5 NC™ (OMRI listed) and BB5 Platinum™ (not available in California or Washington).